St John Bosco Before & After School Care

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2018/2019  Committee

President:                 Elizabeth Urquhart

                                                                         Vice President:          Amanda Prentice

                                                                         Secretary:                  James Rowe

                                                                         Treasurer:                 Deborah Dumbrell

 Public Officer:           Candice Rossington

                                                                         General Committee:  Kezlee Feehan

                          Clair Helmrich

                          Fiona Muckian


Philosophy Statement:

At St John Bosco OOSH service we believe that childhood is a unique and valuable stage of life.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to elders past, present and future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australians.

We are committed to providing recreational care for primary school aged children.

We provide a fun and relaxed environment which helps children to gain independence and develop friendships with children of all ages and gender, and treat each other with respect.

We provide a safe, secure and clean environment for the children, parents and staff.

We value the importance of family and encourage their participation in all areas of the service.

The service seeks to make use of community resources and contacts.

We value the diversity and individuality of each child.


Our aims and beliefs are:

In regards to children:

- That all children need a safe place to play.

- That all children should be spoken to with patience, warmth and cheer.

- That all children can be respectful of other children and of adults.

- That all children need time to relax and unwind from their school day.

- That all children have the right to contribute to the program and routines  

  of the day.                                           

- That all children have the right to participate in a wide range of activities.                                                          


In regards to families:

- That all families have equal opportunities to access the service, regardless of cultural background, religious beliefs, family structures, disability or employment.


- That all family members are welcome to contribute to the management or day to day operations of this service.

- All families are encouraged to contribute in decisions of policy and program issues.

- All families are encouraged to communicate openly with staff.

- All parents show mutual respect of staff, children and other parents.


In regards to staff:

- That all staff should possess an empathy towards children.

- That all staff have an awareness of how children develop so that they have reasonable expectations for all children.

- That all staff will treat each other, children and families with respect.

- That all staff will contribute towards creating an exciting, stimulating and safe environment for the children.

- All staff will communicate openly with each other, families and children.